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Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish 50ml

An excellent serum for supporting the use of hot tools and protecting hair against heat.


Sassoon Professional Texture Refine 50ml

A light filtered clay that provides a matt finish with a hydrated look. Provides a matte finish with a hydrated look, gives deconstructed definition, hair remains flexible and pliable.


Sassoon Professional Smooth Drape 150ml

A light straightening lotion that gently smoothes and straightens the hair whilst mantaining optimal condition, smoothes and straightens, gives a gentle hold, controls and calms unruly hair, leaves hair feeling silky and soft to the touch with a beautiful shine with the MicroKinetic and the Cashmeratex formula.


Sassoon Professional Heat Shape 150ml

A fantastic daily blow-dry spray with heat styling protection that gives an amazing shine in addition to assisting the blow-dry process. Protects against the heat of the hairdryer, aives hair a fantastic shine, assists in the blow-drying process, anti-static and gives slight hold.


Sassoon Professional Curl Form 250ml

An amazing tool for 3-way Curl definition – it gives optimal lustre and bounce with the conditioning properties of a conditioner.


Sassoon Professional Intense Restore 170ml

The ultimate weekly moisture treatment that has all the benefits of a mask without any superfluous weight added repairing and regenerating lifeless hair. Repairs, regenerates and hydrates internally and externally, hair is smooth and sensuous, perfectly conditioned, brightens up dull and lifeless hair.


Sassoon Professional Precision Clean Shampoo 250ml

A unisex product that can be used every day on all hair types – the perfect balance between conditioning and cleansing


Sassoon Professional Pure Clean Shampoo 250ml

A light, clear shampoo which does not weigh down fine hair with excess conditioning