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Sebastian Professional Flex Twisted Curl Magnifier Cream 145ml

Curl cream that polishes and defines curls without extra weight, stiffness or crunchiness. Flexi Alg™ Complex fights daily frizz and dryness for touchable, natural-looking definition and bounce.


Sebastian Professional Flex Twisted Elastic Treatment 150ml

Hydrating treatment for curls offers for soft, supple smoothness. Nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber whilst shielding against humidity. Fights frizz, adds moisture and transforms untamable kinks into head-turning bouncy curls.


Sebastian Professional Flex Twisted Elastic Cleanser 250ml

Dedicated to curly hair, the Sebastian Professional Twisted Elastic Cleanser Shampoo takes inspiration from underwater plants that flexibly follow the waves of the deep blue ocean.

Fortified with Flexi Alg™ Complex (a breakthrough technology with Red Seaweed Extract), the purifying formula injects strands with long-lasting moisture, whilst restoring elasticity and resilience to curls.

Panthenol and Glycerin work in tandem to add body and definition for stronger, longer-lasting bounce. Expect supple, salon-worthy curls with frizz protection and improved manageability.


Sebastian Professional Flaunt Shine Define Spray 200ml

Add shine and give flexible hold to hair with Sebastian Professional Shine Define Spray. This professional hair product protects hair from heat and conditions hair for natural, satin sheen and definition. Sebastian shine spray leaves hair feeling stronger and with flexible control, enabling the creation of any desired hairstyle.


Sebastian Professional Flaunt Trilliant Spray 150ml

Provides protection and add sparkling shine to hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliant Spray. Formulated with rock crystal extract, this lightweight hair spray gently conditions hair, giving it extra shimmer. Sebastian spray provides heat protection for hair, while adding body and brilliant shine


Sebastian Professional Flow Dark Oil 95ml

Dark Oil is a lightweight styling oil that will smoothen the hair and add body, giving it weightless shine and finish. With a luxurious blend of natural oils like sandalwood, cedarwood and argan, Dark Oil has an incredible fragrance. Thanks to DiffusX technology, the oil disappears into the hair and it’s easy to distribute evenly. Dark Oil replenishes the hair from the inside out, providing smoothness to the cuticle, adding texture for effortless styling. The oil can be cocktailed with other products for endless styling possibilities.


Sebastian Professional Flow Potion 9 150ml

Nourish and shape hair with Potion 9, the original leave-in styling conditioner. This versatile cream conditioner, made with 9 botanical extracts to help restore moisture, provides flexible hold that allows the hair to be styled into multiple looks – while helping to restore hair’s natural shine.


Sebastian Professional Flow Thickefy Foam 190ml

Create the look and feel of naturally thick and voluminous hair. This styling foam’s liquid-to-foam technology increases hair volume for long-lasting body and a pliable hold. The one-pump foemula enables thickening and conditioning, while holding finer hair in place. Suitable for fine hair, thanks to its volumising effect and flexible, weightless hold


Sebastian Professional Flow Sublimate Creme 100ml

Cashmere-smooth shine achieved with Sublimate. A universal styling cream that works with any unique style or hair type, with any combination of iconic products. The polymer used in Sublimate is flexible and forms a smooth film around the hair fiber for more anti-frizz, while its lightweight formula allows you to apply it over and over throughout the day. Where care meets style, there’s Sublimate, your new style icon.


Sebastian Professional Foundation Preset Conditioner 250ml

Texture building conditioner. Brings grip and texture to your hair for an effortless style with soft hold, with an anti-frizz formula and heat protection and is colour safe.


Sebastian Professional Foundation Reset Shampoo 250ml

Suitable for daily use, the lightweight formula clarifies and refreshes hair; it eliminates styling product residue whilst restoring shine from root to tip. Locks feel soft and healthy with a salon-worthy finish.

Colour safe.


Sebastian Professional Foundation Colour Ignite Multi Shampoo 250ml

Cleanse and protect multi-tonal coloured hair from damage with Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Multi Shampoo. This professional hair shampoo with colour-moisture complex targets colour-treated strands and moisturises hair where it is needed most. Sebastian shampoo helps to protect multi-tonal and lightened hair from damage, giving hair a long-lasting colour vibrancy