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Wella Professionals EIMI Fresh Up 150ml

Eimi Nutricurls Collection: 72h anti-frizz Spray. Refresh your curls while adding anti-frizz effect, definition and a touch of shine. Hold level 1.


Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce 300ml

Add definition to curly hair with Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce. This professional hair mousse boosts curls, while reducing frizz and adding shine to the hair. EIMI Boost Bounce helps protect hair against heat and dehydration during blow drying. Wella curl enhancing mousse provides volume and light hold to achieve creative curly hairstyles.


Wella Professionals EIMI Curl Shaper 150ml

Eimi Nurticurls Collection: 72h Curl Defining Gel Cream. Get polished definition, control and bouncy curls with Eimi Curlixir Balm a curl enhancing gel-cream. Hold Level 2.


Wella Professionals EIMI Soft Twirl 200ml

Eimi Nutricurls Collection: 72h anti-frizz Foam. Make your waves touchable with volume, definition and an anti-frizz effect with Eimi Soft Twirl, a lightweight hair foam for wavy hair. Hold Level 1.