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Wella Professionals EIMI Cocktail Me 100ml

Eimi Smooth Collection: Express your styling skills and each client’s individuality. Eimi Cocktail Me is a smoothing gel oil enriched with gum polymers that will make hair more manageable, smoother and frizz- free for longer. Use on its own or mixed with other Eimi products. Hold Level 1.


Wella Professionals EIMI Flowing Form 100ml

Eimi Smooth Collection: Provide luxurious smoothness and flexible control to the hair with Wella Professionals Eimi Flowing Form. This professional smoothening balm reduces frizz and allows you to create a hairstyle with natural movement. Eimi anti-frizz balm is specially formulated to help protect hair against dehydration while using hot tools. Professional anti-frizz hair balm with flexible hold, Leaves hair luxuriously smooth and with natural movement. Provides protection against heat and dehydration, Hold level 2.


Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image 150ml

Eimi Smooth Collection: Shield the hair during heat styling with Wella Professionals Eimi Thermal Image.


Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me 100ml

Eimi Smooth Collection: Create a natural and smooth hairstyle with Wella Professionals Eimi Perfect Me Hair Balm.


Wella Professionals EIMI Velvet Amplifier 50ml

Prep your tresses with Wella Professionals EIMI Velvet Amplifier Smoothening Styling Primer, an ultra-silky formula that provides the perfect foundation for your style. Helping to smooth each strand from root to tip in order to tame frizz and flyaways, the hair primer works to improve manageability and enhance control for perfectly defined, velvety soft locks.